Welcome to our site. If you haven't visited for a while, you may notice that it has changed very little. But the world changes, and so do our circumstances. For example, Al is now working for Microsoft, while Dave is busy with a range of projects. However, you can still read about us. Who are Dave and Al? might give you some background information about us. Read "The Early Years" or "The Plot Thickens", though bear in mind that not all of the material on this site is strictly non-fiction.
We still have the samples, code, errata, and other resources for our books and previously published articles, though you can no longer run these samples online. For more details, see the books page and articles page.
Also check out Al's disconnected and rambling jottings in his somewhat old blog. Or, if you have exhausted every other possible avenue of entertainment (and sanity) download the PDFs from his now defunct MSDN blog Writing, or just practicing from here: These contain the posts in reverse date order, with a contents list at the top. However, some of the hyperlinks they contain may not work now.

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