Instant HTML Programmer's Reference, HTML 4.0 Edition
An Introduction to HTML

Chapter 1: Creating an HTML Document
Chapter 2: Formatting Text
Chapter 3: Styles and Style Sheets
Chapter 4: Images and Inclusions
Chapter 5: Linking to Other Files
Chapter 6: Tables
Chapter 7: Frames
Chapter 8: Forms and HTML Controls
Chapter 9: Objects, ActiveX Controls and Applets
Chapter 10: Scripting
Chapter 11: Dynamic HTML in Navigator/Communicator 4
Chapter 12: Dynamic HTML in Internet Explorer 4

Appendix A: The Wrox Ultimate HTML Database Listing
Appendix B: HTML Element Tags by Category
Appendix C: Special Characters in HTML
Appendix D: HTML Color Names and Values
Appendix E: The VBScript Language
Appendix F: JavaScript Reference
Appendix G: Style Sheet Properties
Appendix H: Support and Errata