Errata for Beginning Components for ASP   [ISBN: 1-861002-88-2]

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  32 WSC Wizard
The WSC Wizard and the other resources mentioned here are now available

Thanks to Alex Homer
01-Oct-01 1
  72 Incorrect letter in code sample
This error was supplied by Abdul Waheed:

Line 10 of the code sample on this page express the option value "E":

<% If Request.Form("cboVehType") = "E" ...

This option value should be "W", as this is what is specified in the COM object (page 65). The section on page 72 should read:

<% If Request.Form("cboVehType") = "W" ...

22-Jun-01 1
  443 ISupportErrorInfo
The text:

"The COM interface ISupportErrorInfo is defined in one of the standard header files that's included in the project already, so we don't need to add a definition of it to this class."

on this page is misleading. We must add a declaration of the method InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo from IErrorInfo to the header file for our class (list.h in the code download)

// ISupportErrorInfo
    STDMETHOD(InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo)(REFIID riid);
16-Jul-02 1
0 513 #ifndef macro
The token used in the #ifndef / #define macro code at the start of classes.h should read __CLASSESEX_H_
#ifndef __CLASSESEX_H_
#define __CLASSESEX_H_
01-Nov-02 1
0 514 OpenRowset()
The final line of the OpenRowset method should read as follows:
return CCommand<CAccessor<CClassesExAccessor> >::Open(m_session, NULL, &propset);
01-Nov-02 1