Errata for ADO 2.0 Programmer's Reference   [ISBN: 1-861001-83-5]

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  27 Text Error
The code in top grey box:
Print objProp.Nama
should be
Print objProp.Name

06-Jan-99 1
  29 Text error
The second sentence of the bottom paragraph, under The Errors Collection currently reads:

This is provided as a collection because a failure can generate more that one error.

It should read:

This is provided because a failure can generate more than one error.
06-Jan-99 1
  36 Text error
The headings for the table listing OLEDB Providers should be "Provider" (not "Driver") and "Description"
05-Nov-98 1
  36 Text error
In the table, the entry for Jet is wrong. It should be:

05-Nov-98 1
  54 Text error
Page 54, Second last paragraph, 3rd sentence:
If you specify the adCmdExecuteNoRecords option...

should read:

If you specify the adExecuteNoRecords option...
06-Jan-99 1
  57 Connection.Attributes Error
In the discussion of the Connection.Attributes property, we state that you can set multiple constants using the AND operator. This is incorrect, and instead you should use the OR operator:

oConn.Attributes = adXactCommitRetaining Or adXactAbortretaining

06-Jan-99 1
  84 Text Error
The second sentence on page 84 incorrectly states that the Parameters Collection is further discussed in Chapter 6. In fact, the discussion begins on page 89, immediately after the discussion of the Parameters Object.
06-Jan-99 1