Errata for Instant HTML Programmer's Reference, HTML 4.0 Edition   [ISBN: 1-861001-56-8]

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  23 Description should read Keywords
In the reprinted version of Instant HTML 4.0, only:

On page 23 "Providing Information to Search Engines".
Item. "set NAME to DESCRIPTION" Example= CONTENT= etc

It should "set NAME to KEYWORDS" in the second block of code.

21-Oct-98 1
  47 BASEFONT FACE attribute doesn't work in Navigator 4
The FACE attribute of the BASEFONT tag doesn't work in Navigator 4, as demonstrated unfortunately by the screenshot on page 47, which shows the display being shown in courier, despite being specified as "Arial".
18-May-99 1
  140 _Top not Top
On page 140 in the last paragraph of the section Speacial Values for
Target, the second line begins:
the TARGET set to top...
This should be:
the TARGET set to _top...
26-Jun-98 1
  157 There is a closing tag for <OPTION>
One page 157, it states that 'There is no closing tag for <OPTION>'. This is incorrect - there is, </OPTION>.

It should have been stated however, that 'there is no need to use </OPTION> as IE does not enforce its use. Navigator however does and the close tag is part of the W3C's HTML 4.0 specification.'
23-Apr-99 1
  157 Additional Attributes for <SELECT> not <TEXTAREA>
On Page 157 of Instant HTML 4.0 (1568) the section
'Extensions to <SELECT> in Internet Explorer' should have the on the next
'Internet Explorer adds four other attributes to the <SELECT> element:'
(i.e. NOT the <TEXTAREA> tag').

10-May-99 1
  290 BUTTON tag compatibility shown incorrectly
<BUTTON> is shown to only exist in IE4. However it also exists in Netscape 3.0 and Netscape 4.0, but must be placed within <FORM> tags.
12-Oct-98 1
  304 Input tags listed incorrectly
The table of attributes for the INPUT tag incorrectly lists
This should be just CHECKED (the attribute doesn't take a value)
10-Aug-98 1
  326 Error in the TD tag attributes
In the <TD> tag in:HEIGHT=number and WIDTH=number, we write that the attributes do not work in IE4, but they do work if you use pixel and not if you use %.
12-Oct-98 1