Errata for ASP.NET 2.0: The Beta Version

Chapter 2 - Visual Web Developer Express Edition
At the time of writing the exact feature set of VWDEE wasn't finalized but with the release of Beta 1 this has been set. The differences between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer are:

Chapter 4 - Grid Controls
When discussing the DetailsView control there are several late breaking changes:

Chapter 5 - Menu and TreeView Controls
The chapter mentions the Bindings property as a container for elements to allow binding nodes to the underlying data source. This collection is now called DataBindings.

Chapter 9 - Pages, Posting, ...
When discussing Web Resources, the GetWebResourceUrl has changed. There are now two parameters: the first is the type and the second the name of the resource.

Chapter 10 - New Controls
Table 10.1 shows the new controls and their properties. For the HtmlInputReset control, the ServerClick has been removed.