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* 25th December 2006
I live in a forgotten and desolate part of England that modern technology barely touches, and where few national corporations seem to realize we exist. I suppose this would be useful if I was one of those US mountain hermits with a huge arsenal of weapons and a plan to derail the world's governments. However, it's somewhat less useful when I just want to be an ordinary Joe Public and partake of the offerings of the digital world out there.
* 22nd November 2006
I just can't believe that we spent a week in Las Vegas, never gambled, and only went outside the hotel to visit a computer shop! I wonder if "when a man is tired of Vegas, he's tired of life"? Still, I never tire of being able to rant (wildly) and ramble (confusingly) to the unfortunate delegates who find themselves trapped in my conference sessions, too shy to stand up and leave. And this month I seem to have drifted into the world of memorable quotations, take a high-level view of how the other half lives, and have both electrical and facility problems.
* 21st October 2006
A trip to the seaside! Mind you, the fact that the seaside in question is probably just about as far as you can get from the coast here in England, and includes rowing boats with fairy lights on, makes it a bit different from the more usual Florida (or Blackpool) vacation jaunts. But it's a lot nearer home. And, as a bonus, this months scribbled notes contain some technical content as well - including a brand new conspiracy theory.
* 2nd October 2006
When is a Network a Notwork? Maybe having to bash the router against the side of the server cabinet, swear profusely, and wiggle the on/off switch a couple of dozen times is a good early indication that a hardware failure is looming on the horizon. Still, it helped me learn about ADSL routers in general, and configuration in particular. If you're struggling with a BT NO-NAT ADSL connection and a D-Link 504T or 524T Router, this may be some help.
* 22nd September 2006
At last, a "proper" holiday! OK, so it rained and I also picked up a nasty pain in the wallet, but it was wonderful to have a few days away in such a very beautiful country. Mountains, rolling countryside, deserted beaches, history, and picturesque villages ... what more could you ask for? Well, some sunshine would have been nice, but I guess it wouldn't be called the Emerald Isle if it didn't rain so much.
* 29th August 2006
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a Simply Annoying Technical Advance? Or is it just Stupid And Tremendously Aggrevating? Mind you, I'm almost a computer hardware technician now, as you'll see if you think you can face reading about my experiences with my rather cute, very loud, and extremely hot new toy.
* 31st July 2006
Just made it! Managed to squeeze an entry in my diary for July, so I only missed one month! I have no idea how these people can do a blog where they add new stuff every day - I can't even manage every month. Still, this month I've gone all technical and ramble about mathematics instead of the usual exotic foreign destinations and conferences. Although passports do seem to get a mention, and you get cute pet pictures as well.
* 6th May 2006
Dans la Francais! Yes, we were off to the Continent in May for the European leg of the ASP.NET Connections Conference tour. The South of France in Spring - who could ask for more? Well, as you'll expect, I still found plenty of things to grumble about. Maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old man. And, you don't get to escape from the by-products of my camera this month either, though the mixture does contain a bit of science, some religion, something for gardeners, and one especially for motor racing fans.
* 10th April 2006
Florida sunshine! At last, a brief escape from the gray and wet Spring days of England, and the chance to soak up some sun. Yes, it was conference time again, with a trip to ASP.Connections in Orlando, Florida. I spent a week talking to attendees, presenting sessions on ADO.NET, XML, and various other Web stuff, and (as usual) eating too much food. But it is a great conference, and the hotel and surroundings provide a great backdrop for a week away. We found time for some sight-seeing (as usual), which means you get some more vague and unrelated pictures to squint at, in addition to me moaning about the way that I get treated by Web sites and email servers.
* 31st January 2006
Is it 2006 already? Where did Christmas and the New Year go? Maybe it was the 'flu, or maybe I just slept through it all. Well, when I wasn't doing woodwork anyway. Seeing as there didn't seem anything to write about this month, I thought I'd write about writing about nothing instead...
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