Who Are Dave and Al?

A Tale of Two Authors - The Early Years

Al and Dave first met at the International Wellington Boot Throwing Contest in the tiny English village of Chipping Norton, where they shared the Bronze medal for throws of over one and a half furlongs. However, their future partnership was not founded here. Instead, by sheer coincidence, they met again when they were both recruited by the famous Kid Napper to play in his rock band. It was here that they discovered their common interest in computers, digital watches, and anything with wires or cogs in it.

Al and Dave prepare to go on stage at the 1979 Kid Napper and the Car Thieves concert
However, after several world tours, the fans started to drift away and the band was disbanded (or maybe the group was ungrouped?). Dave and Al were forced to go their own separate ways and find other employment. While they both had a keen interest in Web development, it was hard to find suitable work because the World-Wide-Web hadn't yet been invented. So Dave settled down with a nice little job as whisky-taster in a Scottish distillery (which is where he developed his love for all things Scottish), while Al started work as wringer-out for a one-armed window cleaner.

Dave and Al filming the 'Wash And Run For It' commercials
But those years spent in the public eye could not be forgotton, and both had soon moved on to careers as out-of-work actors. It was here that the fickle finger of fate played another card - when they were both given parts in a commercial for the famous 'Wash And Run For It' hair care products. Again, during intervals in the filming of the epic four-episode advertisement series, their shared interest in computing and technology began to influence their future career choices.
In fact it was during filming, while discussing the future, that they developed a cunning plan to make money. After many hours intense discussion, it came to them in a flash. Maybe they could write about computers? It seemed a good idea, and all that was needed was a publisher who was daft enough to pay them to do it...
Al and Dave discuss various money-making schemes
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